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Golf in the Riviera Maya

Golf in the Riviera Maya

Watch out for iguanas on the course!

Forget cold winds and drizzle! Warm up to a trendier, more enjoyable ways to play your round of golf. Riviera Maya and Cancun offer several world-class golf courses with tropical jungle, and magnificent Caribbean views. Designed by world-renowned architects, these signature golf courses are challenging enough for low-handicappers, yet friendly enough for those who are new to the game!

Each Golf Course Has a Unique Design

Wind is a constant factor when it comes down to golf shot selection and play.  The tree line in the Riviera Maya is short and as soon as your ball climbs above that line anything can happen, so make sure to watch your ball out to the finish. Some of the most common words we hear to describe any of the local courses are narrow and tight. The bomb and gouge method won’t work here, so if you employ that method all we can say is good luck! Most fairways are lined by thick ball-consuming jungle, so keeping your shot somewhere in and around the fairway is very important.

Golf courses That Make Your Golf Vacation Easy and First-Rate!

Enjoy the luxury of english-speaking staff, golf carts and on-the-course snacks and sandwiches. Course fees are all-inclusive and include these listed items. If you do not want to lug your clubs on the plane, enjoy the flexibility of golf club and shoe rentals for an additional fee. Look out for name brands clubs like Taylor Made, Titlelist and Callaway. Shirt collars are required but shoe restrictions are not enforced. If packing restrictions are an issue for you, bring your golf glove and some golf balls, knowing that on-site pro shops sell what ever you may need.

Reserve your golf day in advance to secure your ideal tee time. If you forgot or have an opportunity to sneak away for a round of golf, it is not unheard of to walk onto a course and grab a tee time. All golf courses offer twilight rates around 1 or 2 p.m. at discounted rates. Ready to tee up? Lets head out and show you some great golf courses!

Golf Club At Bahia Principe

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