Retorno Chichen Itza
Holkaan Playacar Fase II
Playa del Carmen, Solidaridad

Quintana Roo, Mexico 77717

Mexico # +52 984 176 1493

U.S # +1 346 305 1231
License#: CURPFS008000334

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NEW CONSTRUCTION (Pre-Construction)


Buying NEW CONSTRUCTION (Pre-Construction) Condos has some clear advantages.
There is a tremendous amount of condo and hotel building going on in Playa right now in 2018. The quality of this construction of homes and Condos can vary greatly depending on the developer and its priority to choose quality construction materials, the best way to be sure you are working with a reputable Developer is to look at previous projects, talk to other homeowners/investors along with the guidance of your Real Estate Provider.

An additional advantage when choosing a New Construction Developer are the payment options available, depending on what stage the construction project is in there may be opportunity for discounts and different payment plans. Obviously the earlier in the project you purchase the more options there are to choose from. The Median of new construction down payment is 30% of the purchase price, again depending on the stage of the project. Larger down payments may receive additional discounts each developer has their own program. Regardless of what payment option and discounts you negotiated the Property you purchase MUST be paid in Full before keys and Title are exchanged.

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