Retorno Chichen Itza
Holkaan Playacar Fase II
Playa del Carmen, Solidaridad

Quintana Roo, Mexico 77717

Mexico # +52 984 176 1493

U.S # +1 346 305 1231
License#: CURPFS008000334

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Your COMMITMENT to sell your Property is crucial and instrumental in the Selling process.

Sometimes things change in your Life and now it’s time to SELL your PROPERTY.

We would like to believe that our property is the Perfect property for any Buyer that is in the Market but depending on the inventory and Demand that may not be the case.

The emotional expectation of what a person feels the Price of their property should be may differ from what the Market value is at the time, it can be tough emotionally … The reality of what you think your property is worth can be completely different to what the Market value is maintaining. There are pluses and minuses to a high market and Low market.

At the end of the day the right price is what will SELL your property. I believe owners should be informed as to what the current Market value is in their area. Please Request a FREE copy of a Market Appraisal of your property.

Always …Always… Consider Closing costs and Capital Gain taxes!!! Do not be surprised of the very real cost that an owner(s) must pay to sell their property in the Riviera Maya. The cost will impact the net profit. Contact me to help you understand the cost of Closing through our trusted team of Legal Representatives.


At Play Playa Real Estate we will Market your Property through 7 platforms of Social Media, Website Marketing, Banners, Flyers and promotions through our affiliated partnerships of skilled Licensed Real Estate professionals to increase visibility … more viewings mean more opportunities to SELL!!!

We will utilize the latest marketing strategies such as internet-based marketing, adverts in trade journals and posting visible signs on each property listed under our company. This ensures that your property is seen by all potential buyers.

Play Playa Real Estate assortment of properties include luxury homes, villas, apartments, condos, Commercial and Land. We represent each of our sellers in all real estate transactions and will disclose all information as soon as we are in contact with potential buyers. This disclosure clearly states that Play Playa Real Estate is acting as the seller’s agent and we will get both parties’ written consent. We will be discreet with all information provided to us when you make an inquiry about any of our listings or services.

In order to prepare your listing to be represented by Play Playa Real Estate the following documents need to be shared with your realtor either physically or electronically:

Note: It is highly recommended that all sellers obtain a Capital Gains study to know what the approximate tax will be upon sale of the property.